White Detachable Tornado Shaker Cup

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- All new detachable motor, perfect for the dishwasher

- 20 oz. capacity. Recommended 16 oz. fill for perfect shakes

- 3000rpm anti-cyclonic motor leaving only clump-free shakes

- Powered by 2*AAA batteries, with 2-4 month powerful usage

- Light weight BPA free plastic  *Not to be used with ice*


The Tornado Shaker is not just limited to protein shakes, and supplements. All powders are encouraged. As well as more versatile uses, including whisking eggs, emulsifying salad dressing, preparing baby food, Lattes, and much more!


The Detachable Motor is great for a thorough clean in the dishwasher. Simply pop off the motor and put the lid and cup into the dishwasher. Easy as that!

When you are at the gym and want a quick clean, simply add water, a drop of soap and turn on. Rinse when finished to enjoy a hands-free Tornado clean.